Sunlight’s Extra range of Dishwashing liquid is Inspired by Nature.

With added natural ingredients and the degreasing power of Sunlight, it cuts through grease making dish washing fast and easy.

The Nature variant combines the tried and tested formulation of Sunlight with aloe, so that it’s gentle on your hands. The Antibacterial variant has added mint for extra fragrance and thanks to the addition of naturally occurring lactic acid, you no longer have to worry about harmful bacteria lingering on the sponge because it kills 99,9% of germs.

Sunlight Extra  joined forces with television presenter and radio host Azania Mosaka on her personal  #InspiredByNature journey. She hosted the Food and Wellness MASTERCLASS with highly experienced experts, dietitian Mpho Tshukudu and wellness practitioner, Dr Ela Manga.

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Here’s what she had to say:

What does it mean to be inspired by Nature?
Being inspired by nature means harnessing the power of nature. It means drawing from nature’s wisdom and intelligence to live a healthier happier life. Practically for me, it means allowing nature to slow me down and bring me back to myself, to the present moment. By doing that I connect with everything around me. It also means nourishing myself the way nature intended by eating green, whole and unrefined.

What are some of your key tips to living a balanced lifestyle?
I believe the key to a balanced lifestyle requires prioritising quiet moments through meditation and prayer, yoga, physical exercise like running, breath exercises at certain times in the day and drinking water. I am far happier and feel aligned, more appreciative and in tune with my body. I feel more peaceful and focused. I also feel that my life is a lot more purposeful when I give back to nature by trying to live responsibly.

What are some of your personal tips to bring nature into your everyday life?
I try and leave the city as much as possible to spend time hiking and exploring the country. When I can’t travel, I spend time in my garden, tending to it or just sitting in it. Now more than ever, I am searching for healthy eating options, so I try to eat as many plant-based meals as possible that come out of my garden as far as possible.

I also try and use products that are inspired by nature because I understand the many benefits that nature provides in this event. As an example, Aloe or otherwise known as ‘Africa’s floral gold’, is one of the ingredients found in the new Sunlight Extra range and has been widely used for healing, protecting and replenishing the body for many years.