There’s a video doing the rounds claiming that eating hot cross buns could affect a breathalyser test. Although this has been proven to be untrue, the memes it has inspired are hilarious!

Of course, this could only happen in Mzansi.

Our unnatural love affair with hot cross buns usually peaks every Easter but this year things have taken a different turn since a video went viral.

In the clip, a man dressed in what looks like a police uniform “proves” that eating hot cross buns can affect a breathalyser test.

After taking a few bites, the officer’s breath is recorded as containing 21mg of alcohol; three milligrams shy of the legal limit for South African drivers.

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Although retailers (most notably Checkers) quickly reassured shoppers that the famous Easter treats contained no alcohol, several innocent South Africans were concerned about what this could mean over the holiday period.

These concerns were compounded when scientists suggested that certain foods could affect your breath temporarily (before suggesting that real-life sobriety tests should accompany breathalysers).

While the subject of drinking and driving is serious, one can see the humour in the now-ridiculous claim that our favourite Easter buns could lead to a DUI

The result of this video was a flurry of hilarious memes warning South Africans to be careful these holidays:


Despite the jokes, many social media users were still worried that they could be falsely arrested for driving under the influence if they eat too many hot cross buns (and I must stress again, with the way South Africans love these baked goods, overindulging is a realistic possibility!).

Thankfully the Road Traffic Management Corporation has assured drivers that eating the tasty buns will not lead to an arrest

The RTMC spokesperson, Simon Zwane said to News24: “The Corporation would like to assure members of the public that they will not be arrested unfairly after eating hot cross buns.”

With all this being said, if you feel like you have eaten one too many hot cross buns and are not confident in your driving ability, it is never a bad idea to call a private cab or have a friend drive you home.

Will this video affect how many hot cross buns you choose to eat over the Easter weekend?