Gayle King told Oprah Winfrey to have her “carried off” to hospital if she ever caught her in bed with Stedman Graham

The CBS This Morning presenter insists she would have “lost [her] mind” if she ever even considered betraying her best friend by sleeping with her long-term partner.

A viewer of the pair’s YouTube advice show, ‘The OG Chronicles’, asked for help after revealing she’d secretly been swapping flirty messages with her sister’s ex-boyfriend, prompting the pals to remember a conversation they had had many years ago.

Oprah, 65, said: “This is interesting. Years ago, I think I’d been dating Stedman… I don’t know. I’ve been dating him since 1775. So we’ve been together a long time.

“But early on in our relationship, I was doing these shows [like] ‘My sister slept with my sister’s husband’ or ‘my sister slept with my boyfriend,’ and all that. And Gayle said…”

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Gayle interrupted: “If you ever catch me and Stedman, you know, boinking around, fooling around, you catch us in bed.

“[Oprah] shouldn’t even be mad at me, because she should say I’ve lost my mind. Take me to the hospital. You shouldn’t even be upset.”

Oprah continued: “[Gayle] goes, ‘Call someone. Put me in the jackets and have me carried off because you will know that I have lost my mind.”

Her pal agreed: “Lost my mind.”

But the 64-year-old journalist insisted that even if the unthinkable had happened, she wouldn’t be the only one to blame

She said: “You should be mad at him.”

Oprah recently admitted that she learned how to be a good friend from Gayle.

She said: “If I am your friend, never a hint of jealousy. And the same thing with my friend Gayle. I’ve actually modelled being a friend after the friend that Gayle has been to me.

“I want to be the same friend to everyone that [Gayle’s] been to me, so that no matter what happens to you… and even if I ain’t got no job and you got the best job, I am just so happy for you! I want my friends to soar… the sky isn’t even the limit.”

Author: BANG Showbiz