It’s been almost six years since Sonia Mbele separated from her lawyer husband Leslie Sedibe and the actress is doing better than ever

The former couple’s divorce was a messy one to say the least. Sonia admitted she “cried all day” when she was served with the divorce papers.

“I suffered from panic attacks and anxiety breakdowns. I stressed about how to transition from the life I lived to a new one, where I was now alone. I was scared,” Sonia told True Love in an interview.

The tabloids did not paint a good picture of her life after divorce. Some claimed she was a struggling actress who was battling to stay afloat financially, but Sonia had the last laugh. She is living her best life and is far from struggling.

Have a look at how she is thriving after her divorce


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She didn’t allow the divorce to define her

Speaking to the Fresh Breakfast show in 2017, Sonia admitted that her divorce was one of the most painful experiences of her life. But she was determined to move on without the stigma associated with being a divorcee.

“I just want to move away from this divorce thing. Nobody walks into a marriage with the intention of getting a divorce – you want to build and you want to make it work and when it doesn’t, it is the most traumatic thing one can go through. But you survive,” she told DJ Fresh.

The actress urged women going through a similar experience to find their inner strength.

“Find your strength so that you can walk away. Remember a cage is a cage even if the bars are gold. Walk away and put your happiness first,” she said.


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