Former KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Hawks boss, Johan Booysen described the arrest of controversial KwaZulu-Natal police officer Colonel Navin Madhoe in a sting operation as something ‘he had never done before’…

“I had never done something like this, I was shaking,” he testified before the commission of inquiry into state capture on Wednesday.

Booysen was describing the events of September 8, 2011 where Madhoe facilitated an alleged bribe from controversial KZN businessman Thoshan Panday who was, at the time, under investigation for procurement contracts with the South African Police Services during the 2010 world cup.

The sting operation came after Madhoe, who was a colonel at the time, instructed Booysen, a general, to meet him in their basement of law enforcement offices in KwaZulu-Natal.

“He said did I find the report? I lied and said I couldn’t find it.

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“He took a big brown envelope and said the report I am looking for is inside the envelope,” Booysen explained.

“He took a big brown envelope and said the report I am looking for is inside the envelope,”

The former KZN Hawks boss exited the vehicle with the envelope and he sent it for forensics/DNA testing without opening it to look at the contents.

One of his investigating officers Hans van Loggerenberg then reported back to Booysen that they could not find the fingerprints of Madhoe on the envelope.

“I said where can we get the fingerprints of Panday?

“We sent his fingerprints that we found from a firearm license application during a search at his residence. Van Loggerenberg called me a week later saying that it matched those of Panday,” Booysen added.

Prior to the sting operation, Booysen had engaged with Madhoe in the basement of his work place where Madhoe gave him a hard drive of photos of dead bodies. Booysen believed that this was an attempt to intimidate him.

Madhoe also reported that Panday had “two bar” for him for his cooperation into backdating a report relating to the investigation about irregular procurement processes in respect of accommodation during the 2010 World Cup, News24 had earlier reported.

“I thought that meant R200 000, but it actually meant R2m,” Booysen explained.

This allegedly occurred a day or two before the sting operation.

Sting operation

Booysen had planned to set up the operation at a casino but Madhoe refused out of fear of CCTV cameras.

“I then suggested that we do it in the basement [of our workplace] and I got my investigators to change the plan so that they could capture the transaction,” Booysen said.

After giving his team of investigators enough time to set up to capture the transaction, Booysen then proceeded to the lift.

On his way, he bumped into his brother – a private detective – who gave him a key holder with a camera inside.

“I got into the basement and told him to park his car next to mine.”

“I got into the basement and told him to park his car next to mine.

“He reversed, got out of the car, walked to the boot and opened it. I opened my boot, he took the brand new suitcase and put it in my car,” Booysen told the commission.

Booysen then instructed Madhoe to open the suitcase, the briefcase was allegedly filled with over R1m in notes.

“I opened the paper, slid the report out and read it out to him and he said ‘hundreds’ to me. I then handed him the document.

“He got into his car and I started walking towards the lift,” Booysen continued.

As he approached the lift, investigating officers jumped out of the fire escape and arrested Madhoe.

The inquiry resumes on Thursday when Booysen is expected to continue his testimony.

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