Folding laundry is possibly one of the most boring domestic chores. However, when done right, folding your laundry can save you time, space and change how you see and use your storage space.

We’ve learned some tricks on how to do it efficiently and effectively – and while we’re sure you’ll feel triumphant once all your spaces are organised and tidy, we can’t guarantee that folding your laundry will get more exciting.

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Cut down on ironing by folding your clothes properly

You’ve probably heard it before but it is worth saying again – the sooner you fold your laundry after washing it, the less ironing you’ll have to do. While lying in your laundry basket, clothes can get more creased than necessary. And that means more ironing. However, folding your clothes properly as soon as they are dry cuts down on creasing and for some clothes can even make ironing completely unnecessary.

Use containers to pack small items

Folding small items can feel like a waste of time, especially if these small items are prone to unfolding themselves over time. Using small containers to store small items not helps you keep them neatly folded, but also makes everything visible, unlike stacking. Containers like shoe boxes and plastic shelf organisers can increase your storage space and make finding the right underwear or a tiny t-shirt much easier.

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Yes. There is actually a right way to fold a fitted sheet

One of the greatest mysteries of adulthood is how to actually fold a fitted sheet. Because of their odd shape, fitted sheets are often just rolled up and stored out of sight. But once you get it right, folding fitted sheets is actually really easy. The trick is to match the corners up evenly, tucking the corners into each other. Once that is done you can fold away the odd shape and fold into a square or rectangle easily.

Folding vs hanging

The answer to whether you should be folding or hanging your clothes is not as simple as figuring out the type of clothing and storing them accordingly. Deciding on whether to fold or hang your clothes can depend on the type and amount of storage you have. For small spaces, folding can definitely mean getting more laundry neatly and efficiently stored. Hanging your clothes can make them immediately visible, but following the KonMari packing style folding your laundry can work just as well while saving you space.

Storing your clothes doesn’t have to leave them creased

Folding your clothes for storage doesn’t have to mean creasing your clothes. Items like jerseys can get creased if you don’t fold them properly but unfortunately, you can’t just iron the creases away. Folding clothes when packing them into small spaces like suitcases is a little bit different because visibility is not as important as simply getting as much into a space as possible. More often you may find that rolling your laundry instead of the traditional folding is more effective and results in less creasing.