A balanced diet should ideally include a wide array of colourful vegetables.

Veggies contain valuable nutrients and minerals (e.g. magnesium, iron, phosphorus, etc.) which are needed by our body to function optimally. In addition, they contain fibre which not only helps to prevent constipation but it supports a weight management diet too.

Here are some suggestions on how to include more veggies in your diet on the colder days.

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Veggie soups are delicious!

Veggie soups seem to be becoming increasingly popular as more people are attempting to get more vegetables into their diet. The amazing thing is that you can prepare a soup using practically any vegetable. You have a wide variety to choose from and can experiment with the flavours that the different combinations have to offer.

Increase the healthiness of vegetable soups by opting to add less salt and/ or sugar to it. Enjoy the natural sweetness and taste of the vegetables, especially if they are fresh and in season.

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