Last updated on Jun 23rd, 2021 at 12:30 pm

If your home has a flat roof, consider turning it into an extension of your garden by transforming it into a green roof…

A green roof – which is a roof planted with vegetation – is known to reduce carbon dioxide, decrease stormwater runoff, and cut down on urban heat.

Now new research from Portland State University has found that green roofs may improve the indoor air quality of commercial buildings by cutting the amount of ozone coming into the buildings from the outside.

Green roofs help filter air coming into a building

Researchers measured the air coming into the building from outdoor intake vents.

They found that the air coming in from the green roof area had modestly lower ozone levels than the air coming in from the unplanted area. This is because the vegetation trapped and filtered the ozone in the outdoor air.

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How to make a green roof

If it works for commercial buildings, it can’t hurt to try it at home. And you don’t even need a big roof – you could transform the roof of a garden shed into a green roof.

Watch the following video in which Lee, from the YouTube channel The Garden Ninja, show us how to transform a shed roof into a green roof.


Source: Portland State University via and YouTube