Losing weight will always be the major contributor to looking more trim and toned, BUT…

There are some other ways that you can flatten out your tummy and trim your waistline, and achieve the results you want in combination with your healthy diet. So while you’re cutting the calories and enjoying cooking up a storm with our healthy recipes, here are some super-practical tips you can begin to use today to get a tummy that looks flatter and firmer. Read the article below or watch the video above.

1.     Stand up straight

Grade 1 teachers everywhere will back me up on this. Standing up straight is important, not just for looking confident and maintaining good body-alignment, but also for the sake of your tummy.

A bunched up tummy looks much flabbier than a tummy pulled up and supported by the abs and spine. So practise standing up straight with your shoulders back. You’ll feel more confident like this, too.

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