Winter is coming – and no, that isn’t just a Game of Thrones reference. With winter comes sensitive skin, a face that needs a little more TLC and sometimes even the feeling of being dry and itchy all over.

It’s time to stock up on skin moisturising essentials; here are our favourite winter beauty buys, from nourishing lip scrubs and balms to moisturising soaps and rich body lotions.

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Extra moisture for your skin

The cold weather takes a toll on your body. Changing your beauty routine to suit the changing climate is a great way to make sure the changing needs of your skin and hair are met.

moisturise, winter skin

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Specialised skin care for your whole body

Because different parts of your body are exposed to the elements in different ways, you need to care for them differently. It’s easy to neglect your feet during winter when they’re hardly ever exposed. Your summer self will thank you for taking special care of yourself, from your face to your feet during the winter months.

moisturise, winter skin

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Products formulated for dry winter skin

If you have dry skin, it could become even drier in the colder months. Make sure every step in your beauty routine considers your skin’s moisture needs.


moisturise, winter skin

Moisturising products for eyes, lips and hair

Well-moisturised and nourished skin and hair are less likely to be damaged by the elements. Take special care of problem areas like dry lips and the skin around your eyes.

winter skin, moisturise

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