Scoop Makhathini issued a statement on Twitter claiming that his account was hacked after making shocking claims about his model girlfriend, Akhona Carpede

The TV personality went on an epic rant on Tuesday, accusing his long-term partner of cheating on him with her best friend.

“You have hurt me so much,” he captioned a picture of Akhona.

A clearly sad Scoop shared another image of her. “Why Akhona? Why? When I gave you nothing but love!!!” he tweeted.

Things turned ugly when Scoop referred to Akhona as trash

“You have turned out to be the worst human I’ve ever met!!! I loathe you! and to think I almost paid lobola *spits* @missacalaca you are trash,” he wrote.

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It was clear from his tweets that there was trouble in paradise, but many Twitter users were confused by his posts.

It seems that Scoop’s rant started after he learned that Akhona was at a club with her male best friend.

“There!!! My almost wife to be @missacalaca seen in the club with some dude who she said was a ‘best friend’,” he tweeted.

The Twitter streets were “shook”! While tweeps felt sorry for Scoop, many slammed him for airing his dirty laundry in public and putting his girlfriend on blast.

“I thought you are above venting on Twitter… kanti you are just another ni**a….

It’s sad… even if she cheated this is not how you go about it dawg,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another Twitter user added: “Delete all this s**t. Your relationship remains private, your dirty laundry remains just that. Call a family meeting or something. We will not help you on twitter.”

After receiving major backlash for his meltdown. Scoop returned to Twitter to reveal that he had been hacked

“Hi guys thanks for the concern. Someone is using my account details and hacked into my account. It’s my birthday today and this is unnecessary and not true,” he wrote.

Cassper Nyovest came to Scoop’s defence, reiterating that his account was indeed hacked.

“Y’all know celebrities have been getting hacked lately. Unfortunately Scoop’s account has been hacked. The hacker is just causing shit. Posting lies and deleting his tweets. PLEASE RT,” the Tito Mboweni rapper, who has also been hacked in the past, wrote.

Who would want to hack Scoop’s account after his girlfriend was spotted at a club with another man? That’s the question tweeps started asking and many believe that they have the answer to the question. Nobody!

“Nobody, & I repeat nobody would think of hacking scoop. Pls,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another tweep added: “Please balance me. Scoop and the person who hacked him are taking turns tweeting on his account?” one woman asked.

A third added: “I’m gonna say this, and I’m gonna say it once, loud and clear. Scoop wasn’t hacked. Periodt.”

The backlash seemed too much for Scoop, who eventually deleted his Twitter account. Or was it the hacker?

But the drama did not end there. Bonang Matheba’s name was thrown into the mix

South Africa’s media darling went on a mini-Twitter rant of her own, which some tweeps believe was directed at Scoop.

“Finish him. Lol,” she tweeted. Queen B added in another tweet: “Grow. Some. Balls.”

It’s unclear who her tweets were directed at but Black Twitter is connecting the dots, even though they could not give reasons why the 31-year-old would insert herself into Scoop’s drama.



Here’s what Twitter users had to say about Scoop’s alleged rant.