Pork chops are a classic meal beloved by many – and her are the secrets you need to make them your signature dish…

It starts with the right meat

While no butchery is going to sell you bad meat, there’s a huge variety in chop styles available – and a good, fresh cut is key to a tasty dish.

Look for firm, pink-red meat and a little fat marbling for added succulence. Try to buy-to-eat rather than store them for the best flavour, although they will last in the fridge for up to three days if necessary.

Take it in two steps

A two-step cooking process helps seal the meat and keep it moist and juicy. While oven cooking creates even heating and better results, it can also dry out the chop.

So pop your chop in a hot skillet for a few minutes each side before adding to your oven dish. This ‘seals’ the moisture in, and ensures a more succulent result. It also helps seasoning penetrate the meat more effectively,so be sure to season at this point.

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Your chops should be sealed to a golden brown on each side (about three minutes), and then cooked for 10 minutes in a 200 or 220 degree oven for best results.

With succulent pork chops to add to any meal, you’ll soon have the whole neighbourhood asking for your secrets.