If you have to rinse your plates squeaky clean first, what’s the point of the dishwasher? Today we take a look…

You wouldn’t think such a simple question could be so polarising- but it’s one that’s sparked many a debate.

If you run many loads of dishes, you’re safe to ease up on the pre-clean

In fact, the detergent used for most dishwashers will actually perform better with food waste to ‘grip’ onto!

That’s not license to dump half a plate of food into the machine, however.

It’s still important to scrape off large amounts of food residue before you load. Remember, that particulate is going into the machine itself, and you don’t want aged food particles lingering in the dishwasher to attract bacteria. Be vigilant about cleaning the machine regularly too.

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If it’s typically a few days between loads, however, a more thorough rinse is called for. This has less to do with the machine’s performance than with the fact you don’t want rotting food waste standing in the racks for days on end.

So it isn’t truly necessary to ‘pre-clean’ your plates to sparkling standards before loading your dishwasher- but do be sure to consider how long a load will be standing before you make your final decision.