When it comes to eating healthily, we all know that the sweet potato is a better option than the classic white potato. Here’s how to include them your family’s diet…

Firstly, don’t let the health marketing scare you off! Almost every traditional potato dish can be prepared with sweet potatoes instead, and taste just as delicious.

Roasting times for a sweet potato (with skin) are slightly shorter, but otherwise there’s no need to worry about the swap too much, either.

Do make sure you clean your sweet potato well, however, rinsing it under the tap with a brief scrub. The skins can hold dirt and debris from the growing process.

Sweet potatoes won’t last quite as long as a traditional potato, but you can store them the same way – in a cool, dark place. Aim to eat them within two weeks.

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Purchase firm, ‘heavy’ sweet potatoes with no bruising, soft spots or sprouts for the best taste experience. Beginning to feel lighter in the hand is a key indicator they’re near the end of their edible life.

We see two varieties in South Africa – one with soft pink skin and pale flesh, and another with a more orange skin and vibrant orange flesh. Both can be used interchangeably, and offer a great selection of vitamins and minerals.

Why not take the plunge and sub in a sweet potato or two for your next meal? Your body will love you for it.