Extreme celebrity style – I have questions!

Honestly, there isn’t a single red carpet event or awards show where I haven’t been left totally baffled by what some celebrities pitch up wearing. Even their street style / day-to-day wear seems so incredibly extra.

I can understand outlandish and nonsensical on-stage outfits and of course for events such as the MET Gala but for everything else… nope, sorry

Like, is looking like a hooker or homeless person (Kanye West!) really considered fashionable and stylish these days? Or, does every event brief state that one should dress completely OTT. Even more worrisome is why are designers creating such insane clothing?  And how do they and the celebrity stylists manage to convince celebs to wear such atrocious attire and essentially embarrass themselves on the red carpet?

Kim Kardashian West is a prime example of this extreme celebrity style. Gorgeous, with a body to die for and so much money and yet nearly every outfit she wears makes her look cheap and tacky. What am I missing, are these stars simply ahead of the ever-changing sartorial game or has the fashion world gone crazy?

Here are a few more celebrities whose style I just don’t understand


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