Last updated on Jan 27th, 2021 at 08:01 pm

While Anele Mdoda is grateful for the love from fans, she will not tolerate being ‘ambushed’ on these streets

The radio star recently took to Twitter to reflect on what went down when a fan approached her inappropriately and then expected Anele to be nice.

“Yesterday a lady came from behind me and hugged me from behind. Complete stranger. She then is baffled when I am not happy with that approach as she just simply wanted a picture.

“Guys… imagine if 100 people did that to me daily. It’s not right. It will never be okay.”

Anele went on to add that it didn’t matter that the fan was the same sex as her and that people needed to respect boundaries

“If a guy did that we would scream and shout and talk charges of sexual harassment. Why is it okay when it’s a lady. She really was so bewildered when I told her it’s not on. Boundaries please guys.

“I always ask before I touch someone. Even a child. I say can I give you a hug,” she wrote.

The radio personality said she agrees that celebrities are very dependent on fans’ support but that they also have basic human rights.