Leave the chocolates for the kids this Easter season else you may take in much more calories than you had hoped to.

Many people enjoy the sweet treats and chocolates as one of the ways of celebrating during the Easter season. Are you one of them?

Do you find yourself rising early and heading for the Easter egg hunt way before your children or younger siblings are even awake? If so, you need to be a little more cautious. It can be relatively easy to give in to temptation when there are so many chocolates available.

There are so many varieties and brands of chocolate eggs that are marketed every year. You are bound to find your very own favourite! The chocolate covered marshmallows tend to be one of the most common varieties that are savoured by many people. Chocolate manufacturers however seem to be coming up with new ideas and recipes quite often – some containing way more calories than others.

Save some for a rainy day

If you do participate in Easter egg hunts, be sure to pack some of your chocolatey stash away for a rainy day or for a time when you are giving yourself a treat. Note that overindulging in chocolates can lead to weight gain over time as your calorie count will be higher than usual.

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Compare nutritional labels

Be sure to compare the nutritional labels of chocolates and sweet treats before diving in. Keep a lookout for the ones that contain less sugar and fat than others. Avoid overindulging, even in these options, if you want to keep the weight down.

Share chocolates to keep the weight down

If you find that your basket is still full, consider donating some of the chocolates to children who are in need or have not participated in an egg hunt before. Not only will you make a child very happy but it is also an easy way of keeping your weight down.

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