Tbo Touch has come under fire for admitting that he sometimes questions whether black pilots are qualified enough to fly passenger planes

The radio personality took to Twitter over the weekend to discuss how colonialism had caused black people to only trust white expertise.

“When I board a flight and I hear the voice of a black pilot, tjerrr. I want to know where he graduated, how many years he has flown, is he sober or not, going through a divorce, does he owe anyone money or has he ever been to rehab.

“These are all the fruits of colonisation,” he wrote in a since deleted post.

His tweet was part of a serious thread about self-hate amongst black people

“Missionaries are the biggest criminals of all time. They came to Africa in the name of religion and brainwashed us to a degree of self-hate! 1 of My best friend Sihle, 26 yrs old Medical DR, told me how we don’t trust young Black Doctors as a result he had to shut his practice!” he tweeted.

While many agreed with Touch’s views on self-hate, admitting they too automatically assumed a white professional was more knowledgeable than a black one, others were not impressed with his admission.

“When you hear a white pilot do you not fear he has been flying planes with no licence like the one that was recently caught?” blogger Karabo Mokgoko wrote.

She added in a separate tweet: “For those saying I missed the point, are we supposed to feel sorry for Tbo Touch? Or slaughter a cow for him? because of the way he thinks about black professionals and still blames it on colonialism? A lot of unlearning has to be done.”

Another Twitter user added: “I don’t care what Tbo Touch was trying to say. You’re a celebrity with almost 1m followers, think a little and articulate yourself better. Let’s not excuse bs. This also isn’t his first time tweeting out his anus.”

It’s not the first time that Tbo Touch has failed to articulate himself properly. He caused an uproar in 2017 when he told beggars to change their thinking

“The only difference between the guy I just drove pass begging in streets and myself is our mental disposition. Let’s change how we THINK,” he tweeted.

His followers accused him of being out of touch with reality.

Here’s a look at what others had to say about his latest tweets regarding self-hate in the black community as a result of colonialism.