Game of Thrones fans are beside themselves with excitement after the first episode of season eight dropped on Sunday night  

South African viewers were able to watch the episode at the same time as their American counterparts at 3am on Monday morning on DStv’s Express from the US.

Those who missed out can catch up when M-Net airs the episode at 10pm tonight.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

The first episode, titled Winterfell, kicked off with a bang.

Daenerys Targaryen and her armies finally make it to the North where Jon Snow gets to reunite with his family, including his little sister Arya Stark, at Winterfell.

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It was an emotional reunion for the siblings who were last together in season one!

But there was no time for long reunions, because things were heating up in Winterfell – despite the freezing conditions.

While the Starks are rulers of the North, the other Lords are not impressed that Jon has “bent the knee” to Daenerys, who believes she is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

House Glover, House Mormont, House Karstark, and House Umber discuss the ramifications of Jon Snow abandoning his title to serve Daenerys, who also happens to be his lover!

The episode ended with Jon finally learning what viewers already learned in previous seasons, not only is he the true heir to the throne but Daenerys is also his blood relative.

Social media reacted with amusement and sadness as Jon learned the disturbing news.

Meanwhile, back at King’s Landing, Cersei Lannister, who currently sits on the Iron Throne, is pleased to learn that the undead (the White Walkers) have broken the wall and are on their way to Winterfell to no doubt crush her enemies.

Thankfully, no major characters died in episode one (predictions are not looking good for the rest of the season), which focused more on setting the scene for the upcoming episodes.

Here’s a look at how fans reacted to the first episode