Skipping the extra cheese can save you from taking in hundreds of unwanted calories.

Opt to pass on the extra cheese offering when dining at restaurants, ordering takeaways or even having meals at home. For example, avoid ordering an extra portion of cheese of your pizza or burgers. Similarly, when at home, avoid adding extra cheese to your homemade pasta and other dishes.

Reduce temptation of adding extra cheese

If you are a lover of cheese and get easily tempted to add extra of this ingredient to your meals, you may need the help of a friend or loved one to help you resist this temptation.

You could perhaps ask them to order the takeaway meals so that you wouldn’t even have the option of adding extra cheese to your food. If you are preparing meals or snacks at home, consider prepacking cheese into suitable portion sizes so that you only use the preset portion when making your meal. This will also prevent you from snacking on the cheese and taking in more calories before even getting started on your main meal itself.

Low calorie cheese

When purchasing cheese, give the lower calorie ones a try instead of only purchasing the high calorie options. You could even try mixing and matching when adding cheese to meals. The unique taste, flavours and combinations may surprise you.

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Cheese sauce?

If having cheese sauce with your meal, ask for it to be served on the side. In this way, you can control just how much you eat of it. Try dipping your vegetables or meat into the sauce as opposed to having it smothered all over your food. You may not even need all the sauce and this could help you to keep the calories down.

Enjoy cheese. Just don’t overdo it!

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