Monday 15 April 2019
Episode 5176

Lalage confronts the other woman. Lincoln and Lungi face serious odds. Sechaba’s getting mixed signals from someone very close to him.

Tuesday 16 April 2019
Episode 5177

Things hit the fan when Lalage finds a crucial piece of evidence to her husband’s infidelity. Political tension in HD rises on account of Mavusana’s television interview.

Wednesday 17 April 2019
Episode 5178

Lalage learns the painful truth about Hendrik. It appears Lungi may be catching feelings for Lincoln. Phindi reveals the reason behind her reluctance to sleep with Sechaba.

Thursday 18 April 2019
Episode 5179

A family man has to face his children in shame as his wife forces him to confront issues dealing with his infidelity. Lincoln makes a bold move with Lungi. Sibiya is hurt when his best friend shows what he truly thinks about him.

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Friday 19 April 2019
Episode 5180

Lalage drags a guilt-ridden Hendrik to suit 202 to give her the low down of his sordid affair. Lincoln gets straight with Lungi and gives her an ultimatum. Morongwa, though with good intentions, discourages Gatanga from the idea of being interim mayor of HD.

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