“Reality Check” is an article series which looks at common mistakes people make when they begin dieting for weight loss. We’ll check out some ‘thought adjustments’ that will help you make better choices on your journey. The articles include tips, new ideas to try, strategies to follow, and encouragement to keep you moving forward.

You NEED all of the macronutrients

“My new diet’s the BEST! I can eat as much as I want, as long as it’s not CARBS! They are EVIL!” – How often have you heard this?

This is such a popular one right now I’m sure most of us have heard some version of this conversation.

There are all sorts of diets that have seized onto the idea of carb-avoidance as the pathway to a leaner, healthier body. And here’s the thing… It works. At least, it works in the short-term, and it could work in the long-term if you could do it forever.

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But it doesn’t work for the reasons you think it does. Carbs are NOT evil.

There are two primary shortcomings of the ‘church of zero carbs’.

  • Number one is that most people who do zero carbs for a while end up going back to carbs once they’ve lost some weight, and the result is that they put most of the weight back on!
  • Number two, is that most people who think they are eating ‘zero’ carbs are actually eating quite a lot of carbs, just not in forms they recognise.

What many people mean by ‘zero carbs’ is actually zero refined, processed, man-made carbs – like bread, cake, donuts and sweets.

However, many of the diets extend this definition to include veggies like potatoes and butternut, and all fruits. It is at this point that the problem becomes apparent… Fruits and veggies are HEALTHY foods, as long as you eat them in the correct portion sizes, and in accordance with your activity level.

But most people don’t have a problem with this, because they eat far too few fruits and veggies, and far too many of everything else.

How gullible are you really?

So if you’re on a diet where bacon is considered healthy, but a banana is not, then you need to do some serious thinking about how gullible you are.

The bottom line here?

Carbohydrates ARE healthy, if you eat the good ones. Cake is NOT healthy, whether it’s labelled ‘banting’ or not. Just like meat is healthy if you eat the healthy kind (supermarket bacon is not healthy), and fats are healthy if you eat the healthy kind (margarine is not healthy).

You NEED all of the macronutrients in order for your body to function optimally. The healthier the better.

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