Minnie Dlamini has just shared a helpful tutorial for any woman in Mzansi who has been dropping hints in a bid to get their partner to propose. Ladies, this is how you secure the ring…

Minnie and Quinton Jones are marriage goals but the Homeground presenter is not content with being the only happily married woman in South Africa; she wants you to join the club too!

Minnie’s also aware of the fact that the decision to marry is made by both partners and sometimes men can be guilty of taking their time to come to the party (note from the writer; if my partner is reading this, I’m working on it!)

Minnie understands this and decided to reveal how she managed to persuade Quinton to speed up his life plans. In short, Minnie used her cunning tactics to secure the ring and once Mr J popped the question, she never looked back.

In a video shared on her Instagram page, the Becoming Mrs Jones star shared a video from before she and Quinton were married, in which she broke down her strategy for all women who were looking to follow her footsteps all the way to the altar

She wrote in her caption, “When you just have to suck it up, and be a good wife 🤣 FYI this was back when we were still dating, so this is how you get the ring ladies 😜 Thank me later”

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If you thought the caption was hilarious then wait till you see the video!

In the clip, Quinton’s eyes are glued to the screen as he watches the Superbowl (the grand finale of the American Football season) and when he explains the various concepts of the fixture, Minnie can be seen pretending to show interest.

Her well-timed “Mmmhmms” and “Ahs” seem to convince her then-boyfriend that she’s interested in the topic even though we all know better:

Minnie’s comments were filled with replies from women who could completely relate to her struggle, including some of South Africa’s most notable celebrities

Nomuzi saw both the humour and truth in this video when she said, “STORY OF MY LIFE”, while Unathi suggested that they watch “A New Series”.

Khanya Mkangisa praised Minnie for putting in some effort when she said, “Ncooh! Oksalayo you’re listening!”.

So there you have it, courtesy of Mrs Jones. If you’re looking to secure the ring, master the art of feigning attention during sports games!