Keeping your bathroom free of mould and mildew is a bugbear for any house-proud soul. One easy extra step to cleaning your shower curtain, however, could solve a world of problems…

Most of us toss the shower curtain into the washing machine alongside other laundry. While this gets it clean and removes surface mildew, you’ll soon find it will grow back. Fortunately, the experts have a better solution.

  • Instead of washing with other laundry items, wash the curtain alone.
  • Use half the detergent: detergent residue will actually promote mildew growth.
  • Add a cup of vinegar to the load to help disinfect and kill off any spores that are present.
  • When the cycle finishes, toss it in your bath with just enough warm water to cover the curtain.
  • Add a cup of salt to the mix, and soak for three hours. Now you’re free to hang it again.

The salt will help build up a resistant layer against mildew, keeping your shower curtain looking better for longer – and anything that contributes to a clean bathroom is a win in our books.