Trying to squeeze too many folded shirts, jerseys or t-shirts into a chest of drawers is a counter-productive frustration…

All that careful work folding, laundering and ironing… and now you’re creasing them up again as you squash them in. Could there be a better way? We take a look…

While most of us instinctively pack flat in our chests of drawers, it’s actually not the most effective or clothing-friendly way. After all, you can see only the top of the stack.

In fact, you’ve probably ‘discovered’ a shirt or two you’d long forgotten about from the bottom of that same pile! While it can sometimes be nice to find a bonus shirt to fall in love with again, it’s really not the best for your laundry.

Even the most carefully dried items will also get a little ‘funky’ if they aren’t allowed space to ‘breathe’, regularly worn and rotated. No one wants a musty smell clinging to their clothes all day!

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So why not try hanging or packing your shirts vertically instead of laying them flat in the drawer?

Not only does this ensure more air circulation around items, but it also makes it far easier to see everything – and there’s no need to pull out five or six other items to get to the one you want, either.

Would you consider using vertical packing (or hanging) to master your drawer space? Lets us know how it works out for you.