Are you sick and tired of chemical fresheners giving you a headache? Do the stabilisers and preservatives aggravate your allergies? Or do you just want to lend your home its own signature scent? Then this simple DIY freshener is right up your alley!

Assemble some ingredients to create your scent of the day. Citrus peels make an excellent choice, as do many herbs and spices. You can even use a little vanilla extract for a super-welcoming vibe.

We particularly like a blend of orange peel, vanilla, nutmeg and a few cloves for a fresh, yet homey vibe that’s pretty unique.

  • Bring your bundle to a gentle simmer in a saucepan for an hour. Don’t forget to top up the water as required.
  • Then add the mix to a small bowl (or punch some holes in the lid of an old jar to make it last longer) and place it out in your home.

A week of fresh, completely natural scent is waiting for you. Just remember to refresh the mix regularly.

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