Are you looking for something a little different to drink? This quaint ‘sun tea’ recipe from the American South couldn’t be simpler, and the resulting brew is sugar-free and delicious too…

First, you’ll need some fresh herbs. (Delicious combos you can try include mint with a tablespoon of lemon juice, lavender and rose petals, or soothing chamomile.)

  • Throw them in a covered glass jug, and fill up with some warm water.
  • Find a sunny window ledge, and let the brew slowly marinate in the heat of the sun for eight hours.
  • Your sun tea is ready!

While this traditional way of making herbal tea may sound a little kooky, using off-boiling water and the power of the sun prevents the water from scalding the delicate herbs. This, in turn, makes certain no bitter tannins get into the drink.

Are you willing to try a little sun tea?

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