Bringing your own stash of treats and snacks to work can save you from hundreds of calories.

Want to keep your weight down and prevent yourself from piling on the calories? Making this one simple change to your eating habits (especially regarding treats!) can help.

Opt to create your own stash of treats

Forget the pre-packaged treats and snacks that you purchase from the supermarkets or vending machines. They may contain high amounts of fat, sugar, other sweeteners and salt, and are usually high in calories. Start creating your very own stash of treats and snacks, measure them into small portion sizes and package them yourself!

You could, for example, create your own special trail mix by combining some of your favourite nuts, legumes, raisins or dried fruit with granola. You could even throw in some pieces of chocolate too – just make sure that it’s the dark chocolate and not the milk alternative.

Once you have divided it up into little portions, place them in air tight containers to seal in the freshness. Alternatively, you can use a plastic sealing machine, such as a vacuum sealer to lock in the freshness for snacks that are stored in packets. You could even label them if you want to.

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Pack just what you need

Avoid taking too many prepacked snacks to work, even if you made them yourself. Taking just the amount you need, will prevent you from giving into temptation when it does arise. For example, taking just five little packets (to work) for the week will imply that you have allocated yourself only one treat or snack for each day.

Consult a professional

Always consult a dietitian if you require assistance in creating a list of low calorie snacks that can be prepared at home. You can also browse through magazines and search the internet for recipes or inspiration.

In addition, you should always check with your doctor before making any drastic changes to your diet, especially if you have food allergies, are under medication or suffer from any medical condition that has an effect on your diet.

While All4Women endeavours to ensure health articles are based on scientific research, health articles should not be considered as a replacement for professional medical advice. Should you have concerns related to this content, it is advised that you discuss them with your personal healthcare provider.