The Queen’s Corgi is a rip-roaring, animated adventure film that follows Rex – the Queen’s beloved Corgi – as he has to navigate life outside the palace after causing a diplomatic ‘incident’.

To celebrate the film’s release, we put together a fun quiz to help you find out which member of the British royal family is most like you. Take the quiz, then watch the trailer for the movie below.

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Since his arrival at Buckingham palace, Rex lives a life of luxury. Top dog, he has superseded his three fellow Corgis in Her Majesty’s heart. His arrogance can be quite irritating. When he causes a diplomatic incident during an official dinner with the President of the United States, he falls into disgrace. Betrayed by one of his peers, Rex becomes a stray dog in the streets of London. How can he redeem himself? In love, he will find the resources to surpass himself in the face of great danger….

The Queen’s Corgi releases at cinemas on 18 April and is available in 2D and 3D format.

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