Imagine celebrating your 21st, a family wedding, New Years, and the occasional girls’ weekend without the horrible hangover the next day…

Scientists in the UK are working on developing an alcohol substitute that has all the positive effects of your favourite booze without the negative ones. “The idea is to trigger your brain with a peak effect so you stay buzzed but never drunk,” according to the developers.

Alcarelle” is a synthetic version of alcohol that gives the pleasurable effects of alcohol without the nasty side effects. The drink targets specific parts of the brain to encourage a ‘buzz’, but doesn’t result in a hangover, or other negative health issues that have been associated with alcohol.

Overdrinking has been linked to cancer and heart disease, amongst other things.

“Alcarelle is committed to scientific research to gain a better understanding of alcohol, and of alcohol-free alternatives. Our goal is to develop an alcohol-free adult beverage, which imitates the aspects of alcohol that we all want – sociability, relaxation, fun – but without those horrible harmful effects that cause so much damage to our health,” says the company.

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