You are cranky and/or confused

If you find yourself cranky and/or confused, then you may be dehydrated.

Sit down, grab a big drink of water (aim for a litre) and see if the symptoms go away. If you are also feeling light-headed or dizzy, then it’s even more likely that your problem is lack of fluids. Get drinking. This is serious.



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So how much should you drink per day?

The old ‘eight glasses per day’ thing may have once been a good guide, but nowadays, with people exercising more and doing all sorts of extreme sports, plus warm temperatures and less healthy diets, a better aim would be around twelve drinks per day.

This number could include a couple of cups of tea or coffee, and one alcoholic beverage – a beer, or a glass of wine. So aim for eight big glasses of water, and then your other normal drinks on top of that, and you should be in good territory.


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