Dehydration occurs when the total water-level inside your body is too low…

This comes from ‘losing’ more water (through sweat, urine, tears and so on) than you replace through drinking and eating certain foods, like fruits. Water can be replaced by anything that contains liquid, so a glass of water isn’t the only thing that acts against dehydration, a cup of tea or a slice of watermelon helps too.

Dehydration affects everything from your brain-function to your energy level and weight loss ability. So you don’t want to be dehydrated.

Here are some ways to keep tabs on your hydration level, so you don’t end up suffering the consequences of dehydration:

You’re thirsty (kinda obvious!)

By the time you are thirsty you’re already a little dehydrated. But thirst is your brain’s first warning signal that your water-level is lower than it should be. So when you get thirsty, get something to drink.

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To completely avoid this, get into the habit of drinking water after every time you urinate. This will help you regain most of what you lose, as long as you also keep drinking at other times too.

Also, be aware that we OFTEN mistake hunger for dehydration and we reach for the sugary snacks instead of a nice refreshing glass of water. So make sure you HYDRATE before you satisfy your cravings. You’re probably just thirsty!



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