Keeping the weight down does not necessarily mean that you are forbidden from eating and enjoying any of your favourite sweet treats and desserts.

Drop the portion size

The good news is that you can still have these indulgences – just in much smaller quantities. Cutting down on your portion size will reduce the number of calories that you are taking in. Savour each bite and enjoy the rich flavour of the sweet treats and desserts. You may not even be tempted to have more than that serving afterwards.

Consider ordering a child’s portion if buying out. Take a look at the children’s menu the next time you are dining at a restaurant. You will be surprised as to how many options you will have to choose from. Share your selection with your child or loved one to keep your calorie intake even lower!

Make your own sweet treats

Making your very own mini desserts at home can be an ideal option for you if you are trying to lose weight. You will have full control as to what ingredients and how much of them, that you add to the bowl. Cutting down on the high calorie ingredients can make a difference to your weight!

Have sweet treats less regularly

Having treats on a less regular basis will also help you to keep the calories down. For example, instead of treating yourself five times a week, cut down to only two. The drop in calories will add up and you may notice the change to your body after a while.

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Alternative to refined treats

If you do need a sweet treat, opt for a healthy option such as dried fruit or even fresh fruit. Your body and weight will gain from the valuable nutrients such as fibre and vitamins that they have to offer.