The Little Things That Make a Big Difference’ is an article series outlining weight loss and diet interventions that may seem insignificant, but can make a huge difference to the success of your diet plan.

What if you have a sweet tooth?

One of my greatest challenges to losing weight is my LOVE of sweet things. I really, really love a good sweet-treat. So much so that when the craving hits, it almost doesn’t matter what I eat, so long as it’s got some form of sugar going on.

So how does one deal with such a weakness? I mean, sweets are NOT good for dieting – we know this. So how does one diet while also contending with a sweet tooth?


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Well, there are a couple of things to unpack here

Plan A

The first one is that you CAN just tell yourself ‘NO’ when you want to eat sweets. That’s the way to really lose weight. If you can resist it successfully enough times in a row, then it gets easier. The problem with this strategy is that many people who take this approach tend to tell themselves ‘No’ a few times, then fall prey to their urges and eat far more than they would have if they had just said ‘Yes’ originally.

Plan B

So the next best plan is to use what nature has provided in the realm of sweets – fruit. When you have a sweet-craving, grab a banana, or an apple, some frozen grapes, or whatever fruit you like the most.

You can eat lots of fruit before it becomes a problem in your diet, so it’s good if you’re prone to overeating too. Plus you’ll be getting a bunch of fibre and nutrients in on the deal. You can also have a LITTLE honey, or SOME dried fruit, but quantity is important with both of these as they are relatively much higher in calories than fresh fruit.

Plan C

And finally, allow yourself a sweet-treat every week or two. That way, when the craving strikes just remind yourself that there are only a few more days until your next treat. Write down what you’ll have, and make it nice so you can look forward to it.

Use these tools, and you should find yourself eating fewer of the sweets you need to avoid, and losing more weight as a result.



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