Radio personality Dineo Ranaka has for the first time spoken out about being raped by an ex-partner, and being subjected to emotional and physical abuse

Dineo was candid during an interview with Mac G on his YouTube Podcast series.

Even though she’s been through the most, Dineo said she would never let anything steal her joy.

“I have been raped by my own partner, I just don’t talk about it. I am not even lying about it. I don’t glorify my pain, I would rather glorify my happiness.”

Dineo added that, even though she’s been emotionally, financially and physically abused in the past, none of those experiences deserve to take up residency in her life.

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”I will put my happiness on the billboard because that is what deserves my energy. Anything that is negative (that has happened to me) deserves not to be given the power to take residency in me.”

She reflected on how she once jumped out of a moving car to escape an abusive partner

When asked about why she’s single, Dineo revealed that her love language is liberty and even though she’s a submissive person, she does not “submit to bulls*it”.

“You can ask all of my exes, I’m a very submissive person but the buck stops. When you begin to compromise my happiness the submission stops.”

Dineo went on to speak about how Metro FM has changed her’s and her children’s lives.

”I am not going to pretend like Metro FM hasn’t changed my life. It has flipped my life over and not just my own life but my family’s and children’s lives.”

The Metro FM presenter then touched on the situation regarding the fathers of her two children

”It has been hard, it’s been real and that time I am a single mother. I am not getting any financial support from any of my baby daddies, nothing whatsoever.

“And I am not playing them down but I am talking about my real truth and struggles and what l was faced with.”

Watch the full interview here: