John Legend is co-producing a new music-based dating show

The Love Me Now hitmaker’s Get Lifted Film Co. is joining forces with American Idol producer Simon Lythgoe’s Legacy Productions and Critical Content for a US version of the popular Vietnam series, Love at First Song, which was a huge hit last year.

The format sees couples pen a romantic ballad together and discover whether they develop an intimate connection through performing the track live. They spend hours together rehearsing and getting to know each other, before competing in each episode – and potentially swapping partners if the “chemistry” isn’t there.

According to Variety, the reality show: “creates couples through emotional performances in which single singers ‘virtually’ rehearse a romantic duet, then reveal themselves and their potential chemistry during performance.

“These couples then live together, practice together, perform and compete together, but may swap partners in every episode — for love or music.”

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Simon believes the “unique” show could produce the next big power couple duo like “Sonny & Cher or Jay-Z & Beyoncé”

He said in a statement: “Having worked on some of the biggest reality singing competitions in the world like American Idol and Popstars, this is the first format I’ve seen in a decade that’s a unique hybrid having all the right ingredients to be a huge international success.

“And more importantly, Love at First Song has the potential to launch the next great duo like Tim [McGraw] & Faith [Hill], Sonny & Cher or Jay-Z & Beyoncé.”

Mike Jackson of Get Lifted – which he launched in 2012 with John and Ty Siklorius – added: “There’s almost nothing more compelling than watching two vocalists with chemistry sing a love song together on stage.

“This show will take the audience to the next level by bringing them behind the scenes to the laboratory where that chemical reaction began.

“Critical Content and Simon Lythgoe are the perfect mad scientists for us to partner with to bring this concoction to American viewers.”

There are currently no details on when the show is likely to hit screens.

Author: BANG Showbiz