Weight loss wouldn’t be complicated if we all lived in a perfect world

Unfortunately, most of us live a high-pace lifestyle, with an endless list of demands – work, family, finances, friends, home-maintenance, retirement, global issues, the environment – these are all areas that can create stress in our lives.

And stress is the ONE thing that will slow your weight loss down more than anything else. Not only that, but it’ll cause you to develop poor eating habits too.

Here are some stress-related ideas to consider if you think you – and your weight-loss efforts – may be suffering from stress:

1. Almost anything can be a stress event

Planning to go on holiday can be just as stressful as doing your taxes. The ‘event’ is not the key criterion, it’s the way you respond to an event that counts. I don’t mind doing taxes, but a very crowded shopping mall makes me pretty agitated.

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The key to managing stress, therefore, is to understand yourself. If you know that planning a wedding is a major stressor, then equip yourself to minimise the stress as much as possible.

Ask people who enjoy planning events to get involved. Let them help you. Don’t expect too much from yourself, either. Give yourself time, and take breaks. Give yourself a relaxing treat at the end of each planning session.

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