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Are you one of those people who are always cleaning and tidying up but feel like your house is still a mess?

Whether you’ve already had a go at KonMari-ing your home or not, it’s time to get things straightened up.

If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo and her famous KonMari method, she’s pretty much an organising sensation who is changing lives. In other words, she’s a Japanese organising consultant who’s on a mission to help people complete their tidying adventures.

Marie Kondo is known for her The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up book, and now for her very own show on Netflix – Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

Clutter can have a negative impact on both your mental health and physical health, and therefore could be affecting your day-to-day lifestyle

Marie Kondo believes that organising your home and clearing the clutter can drastically improve your and your family’s life.

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Clearing all the clutter that gets in the way can help make way for the things that really matter in your life and give you more time for the things you love doing – not having to go on a big cleaning spree every other day of the week.

Are you ready to embark on your very own KonMari journey?

Before we get started, it’s really important to remember that any decluttering journey deserves plenty of time and patience – so try to start this when you’re feeling fresh and have dedicated plenty of time – a free weekend is certainly a good place to start. Oh! And don’t forget to check with your family first, as it’s much better if the whole family gets involved too.

Listed below are 50 iconic quotes from Marie Kondo about her decluttering and organising methods (All quotes have been taken from her Magic of Tidying Up book):

“Being surrounded by things that bring joy makes you happy.”

“Human beings can only truly cherish a limited number of things at one time.”

“Everything you own wants to be of use to you.”

“Your living space affects your body.”

“Discard anything that doesn’t spark joy.”

“I have tried all kinds of storage products, but have never found any other that is free and still surpasses the shoebox.”

“The best way to store bags is in another bag.”

“Tidying dramatically changes one’s life. This is true for everyone, 100 per cent.”

“The existence of an item without a home multiplies the chances that your space will become cluttered again.”

“Discard first, store later.”

“The amount of storage space you have in your room is just right.”

“I have only two rules: store all items of the same type in the same place and don’t scatter storage space.”

“The best time to start is early morning. The fresh morning air keeps your mind clear and your power of discernment sharp.”

“As you put your house in order and decrease your possessions, you’ll see what your true values are, what is really important to you in your life.”

“Sort by category, not location.”

“Once you have experienced the powerful impact of a perfectly ordered space, you, too, will never return to clutter.”

“What is the point in tidying? If it’s not so that our space and the things in it can bring us happiness, then I think there is no point at all.”

“Never discard anything without saying thank you and good-bye.”

“Tidying is the act of confronting yourself.”

“Tidying orders and relaxes the mind.”

“There are two reasons we can’t let go: an attachment to the past or a fear for the future.”

“Tidying your physical space allows you to tend to your psychological space.”

Watch: How to use Marie Kondo’s ‘KonMari’ method to tidy up your home

“Cherish the things you love. Cherish yourself.”

“People cannot change their habits without first changing their way of thinking.”

“Repetitions and wasted effort can kill motivation, and therefore it must be avoided.”

“But it is human nature to resist throwing something away even when we know that we should.”

“Only you can know what kind of environment makes you feel happy.”

“Your storage space is your private paradise, so personalise it to the fullest.”

“Clutter is caused by a failure to return things to where they belong.”

“The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now. Not for the person we were in the past.”

“We should be choosing what we want to keep, not what we want to get rid of.”

“I have yet to see a house that lacked sufficient storage. The real problem is that we have far more than we need or want.”

“Tidy a little a day and you’ll be tidying forever.”

“The best sequence is this: clothes first, then books, papers, miscellany, and lastly, mementos.”

“The essence of effective storage is this: designate a spot for every last thing you own.”

“Life truly begins after you have put your house in order.”

“Once you have experienced what it’s like to have a truly ordered house, you’ll feel your whole world brighten.”

“Being messy is not hereditary nor is it related to lack of time.”

“In addition to the physical value of things, there are three other factors that add value to our belongings: function, information, and emotional attachment.”

“By neatly folding your clothes, you can solve almost every problem related to storage.”

“It is only when you put your house in order that your furniture and decorations come to life.”

“When it comes to storage, vertical is best.”

“Putting your house in order is the magic that creates a vibrant and happy life.”

“Reducing the amount of stuff in our space also reduces the amount of dust, and we actually clean more often.”

“Tidying is a special event. Don’t do it every day.”

“The secret of success is to tidy in one shot, as quickly and completely as possible, and to start by discarding.”

“Be sure to completely finish the first task before starting the next.”

“The goal should be to organize the contents so that you can see where every item is at a glance.”

“Can you truthfully say that you treasure something buried so deeply in a closet or drawer that you have forgotten its existence?”

“Keep all your clothes ready to be used year-round, regardless of the season.”

Source: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up – Marie Kondo (Book)

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