Ten-year-old Sky Brown is determined to make her mark at next year’s Tokyo Olympics – not in one sport, but two…

Sky Brown is aiming to qualify for two sports at Tokyo 2020. She’s currently part of Skateboard Great Britain’s new ‘Aspiration Squad’ which includes five British athletes who are aiming to qualify for the games. She’s also aiming to compete in the surfing competition which is a new addition to the Games.

“I started skateboarding because I feel like it is just my happy place…” says Brown. “When I surf it just feels like I’m playing. When I skate I feel the same. It is just going to be fun. I’m super excited. I am just going to get out there and try my best.”

Sky has already built a name for herself

She’s been signed by the Nike sportswear company, and won last year’s junior Dancing With The Stars competition in the United States. She’s amassed over 347 000 Instagram followers already. We’re excited to see where this young girl will go! All the best for the Olympics!

Watch the video above to see Sky in action

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