2 Cups of coffee before anything else

Getting the metabolism fired up at the start of the day is important for weight loss success. So get it going with two cups of strong, black, unsweetened coffee before your morning exercise session.

Eat breakfast after all this. You’ll wake yourself up nicely, have a big metabolism jolt, and get your day going the right way.



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1 Treat per week

Yes, you can get away with having one moderately-sized treat per week. I’m not talking about a 21-piece bucket of fried chicken though. We’re looking more in the realm of a bar of chocolate or a piece of cake.

If your diet has gone well all week, then one treat won’t hurt. You just HAVE TO be good about regulating what you eat after the treat, because you’re going to want more than just the one thing.

Be ruthless with your self-control. You can do this!


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