4 Minutes of Tabata exercise per day

Tabata is an exercise protocol that was developed in Japan a few years back to be the ultimate quick-and-effective fat loss tool.

Take any challenging exercise – like kettlebell swings, or bodyweight squats, or push ups, or sit ups – and do them for eight rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds break. That gets you to four minutes, and that’s a great fat burning exercise session done-and-dusted.

Super fun ‘alternative’ calorie-busting exercises for faster weight loss

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3 Litres of water per day

You need to be hydrated to be healthy, and you need to be healthy to lose bodyfat. So drink your three litres of liquid – water, black tea (no sugar), or black coffee (no sugar) – to stay in the fat burning zone.

Most diets recommend eight glasses per day, but you should be exercising and sweating a lot, so you’ll need some extra. Plus, dehydration is not a good state to be in, so rather have more than fewer.


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