Episode 6 of The Bachelor SA was a reminder of how far this year’s contestants are willing to go in order to win Lee’s heart

However, not all attempts proved to be fruitful.

Tensions in the Bachelor mansion continued to rise after numerous clashes in previous weeks. America has proven to be one of this season’s most talked about contestants and the self-proclaimed “small town girl” was at the heart of this week’s drama once again.

Over the past two weeks, America has caused rifts in the mansion after claiming that her personal diary had been stolen. Not everyone believed her story, including Kelly who implicitly suggested that “dirty tactics” were at play. America and Kelly’s relationship further soured in the days that followed and by Episode 6 Lee had had enough.

The former Rugby player invited both ladies for a two-on-one date, but it was far from being as romantic as it sounds

Instead, Lee issued a warning to America and Kelly, letting them know that fighting each other would not win his heart.

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Kelly’s last ditch attempt to save herself involved throwing America under the bus while increasing any doubts Lee had about her — and the plan almost worked.

When Lee had one rose to offer the two rivals, he told America that she would be going home. Unfortunately for Kelly, she was also told that she would be going home too, as Lee did not appreciate her “tattle tale” behaviour.


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Writing this is no easy task. I’m faced with a magnitude of emotions all over again; hurt, rejection, denial, anxiety, and at times – anger. — Going on the bachelor was the craziest thing I’ve ever done (besides drinking 21 shots of tequila on my 21st). — It’s also been one of the most significant life journeys I’ve experienced. The entire process grew me so much as an individual and helped me to overcome my fear of emotion. I cried, I laughed, I sang, and I opened myself up to the idea of love, without reservation. — One thing I know for sure is that I will always fight for something I believe in, especially love. Honesty and integrity within any relationship in life is so important, and I’m glad I stayed true to my values. — Lee, I thank you for bringing me out of my shell, knocking down my walls and showing me what it’s like to feel special again. Thank you for bringing so much laughter, happiness and excitement to my journey. My heart feels bigger and I’m still smiling. — To the production team from @mnettv and @rapidbluetv – thank you for being nurturing, full of energy and jokes, and for putting so many hours into making The Bachelor South Africa what it is. — And last but not least – to all the incredible ladies I had the opportunity of meeting, thank you for everything. The friendships, support, endless late night conversations and everything we shared. You were the light in the process. — To every person reading this, one rose, one person, one reality show and one journey in your life does not define your worth or who you are as an individual. Stay true to who you are and love yourself with all your downfalls. Love Me 🌹 — #TheBachelorSA #BachelorNation #BachelorDiaries #GoodbyesAreNeverEasy @dotsure_pet

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It wasn’t all drama though; this week’s group date, which saw Lee and his prospective dates taking on ranch activities on a rodeo-themed cowboy date, brought a lot of laughs to viewers and contestants alike. Shortly after that, Lee whisked Jax off on a romantic solo date, which also secured her passage into the final 8.

With America and Kelly already dismissed, there was to be one final heartbreak in the Bachelor Mansion

A sombre Lee told Natasha that she would be going home during the closing rose ceremony, letting the scientist know that he didn’t feel like the two of them were getting along as he hoped.



Only 8 ladies remain in the Bachelor Mansion and we’re certain Edith, Gina, Nontombi, Jacqueline, Jozaan, Jenna and the two Michelles will all be fancying their chances at this stage of the competition.

Who do you think has what it takes to last the distance and win Lee’s heart?