A layered look is perfect for in-between weather, to flatter your figure or to look effortlessly stylish. Follow these tips to layer your look perfectly…

We love layers. They’re trendy, chic and ensure you’re ready for anything. But getting the look right can be tough. We show you our fool-proof tips to layer your look like a pro.

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Start with the basics

A base layer is essential to create an effortlessly chic layered look. Look for form-fitting pieces such as leggings, tank tops or tights for your base layer. Choosing a neutral colour palette will mean your outfit will be able to go will almost anything. The subsequent layers you add can then feature colours, prints and texture.

Keep things clean

Clean, minimalistic pieces with simple lines always work well together. For example, a shift dress works well with tights and a cropped blazer. Skinny jeans, a fitted top and a kaftan are a really flattering combo. This is because well-tailored pieces with simple shapes complement each other.

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Add a touch of texture

Textured fabrics such as leather, lace, tweed and chiffon will definitely add some oomph to your look. For example, adding a lace-edged tank top or camisole under a skinny knit top will allow you to showcase two textures for a super trendy look. Don’t be scared of texture – you can definitely wear at least two textures easily.

Viva varying lengths

It stands to reason that pieces with different lengths worn together give your look some gravitas. Thus, adding a completor piece like a jacket, cardigan or kimono in a cropped cut or longer length style will amplify your look. The same goes for sleeve lengths, consider adding a sleeveless vest over a long-sleeved blouse for a retro look.

Add some accessories

Your accessories can also add an extra layer to your look. Good options include scarves and shawls as they can be draped in various ways over your outfit. Don’t forget belts and neckwear – if you choose the right one, they can be just what you need to draw attention to a part of your figure that you love.

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