4.     Eat in the right place

Your eating venue will be a huge determining factor in terms of your diet-success.

If you eat out all the time (or eat take-aways at home) it’s going to be difficult to keep losing weight.

Cooking healthy foods at home is MUCH easier than getting a truly healthy meal at a restaurant. So eat at home as often as possible.

Also, when you eat at home, eat at a table, not in front of the TV. Enjoy your food, and engage in conversation. Otherwise your stopwatch (tip above) will be useless.

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5.     Do PROPER exercise

No, exercising is NOT just for athletes. Exercise is a human activity that has to be implemented due to a general lack of activity in our daily lives.

Your body requires exercise to function NORMALLY (‘healthily’). Make a point of getting at least 30 minutes of hard exercise four times per week.

This is the minimum, you should do more. It doesn’t matter whether you run, swim, play tennis, lift weights, cross train, row, do aerobics, or play racquetball. Just do SOMETHING. Your body, mind, spirit and weight loss will all thank me later.

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