2.     Catch more ZZZs

If you love to sleep, you’re in for a treat. Getting an hour more of sleep per night may help you lose more weight!

There is evidence that sleeping less than seven hours per night makes you hungrier – probably because you need extra energy to sustain your high-level brain functions due to lack of sleep. This means that just by sleeping a little more you will eat less, and also have a little less time to eat too (you can’t eat while you’re sleeping).



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3.     Keep your ‘skinny clothes’ where you can see them

You know that favourite pair of jeans? The ones you used to wear when you were at your ‘best weight’? You still have them, right? Well, take them out, and hang them on your cupboard so you see them all the time.

They will stay in your consciousness throughout the day so you think about them regularly. This will help you make better meal decisions and act as a motivator when you want to cheat on your diet!

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