Most diets are all about food – how much, how often, what types, what colours, what brands…

And while food is the foundation of the diet pyramid, there are some other things you can use to drastically improve the effects of your diet in terms of weight-loss success.

Remember, these will only work if your diet is on track! You need to stick to the diet parameters and your calorie count for it all to work together.

Here are a few diet tricks that don’t involve food:

1.     Get a stopwatch

Using a stopwatch to time your meals makes it sound like you are aiming to eat more speedily. In fact, the opposite is true.

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What you want is to take as long as possible to eat each meal. Aim for twenty minutes as a good minimum (and thirty as a maximum). This allows your brain to figure out that you’re full before you’ve polished off too many calories, so you’re more likely to eat the correct amount of food this way.

This does mean that you’ll have to plan your meal times more carefully to allow enough time for you to eat slowly. So no more guzzling down a quick (unhealthy) snack between meeting, etc…

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