Are you feeling boxed in at home? Here are some ways to help add a sense of airiness to any windowless room…

Whether it’s a small bathroom, a long tunnel-like living room, windowless rooms, or rooms that have few windows, it can make one feel ‘boxed in’.

Fortunately, you can do something about it…


Harness the power of reflection

The most obvious solution to a windowless room is to add faux window mirrors – like this window pane mirror (100x130cm) from Mr Price Home (R2 000,00).

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Install a shelf underneath and add a pot plant or two and you can even create the illusion of a window with a flower box.

If that’s a bit twee for your liking, any shape or style of mirror will help add much-needed airiness to a room that has no or few windows.

Here’s the trick – hang the mirrors where they will reflect any natural light or view from outside.

For example, if you have a long, tunnel-like windowless living room with the main light source coming from sliding or French doors leading outside, hang mirrors on adjacent walls to catch that light and reflect it back into the room while giving you a glimpse of the outdoors from another angle.

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