It has been revealed that Daniel Baron is currently embroiled in a legal battle against internally-renowned French DJ David Guetta over plagiarism allegations

In a statement released on Tuesday, Daniel claimed that Guetta’s latest single Light Headed featuring Sia has an “identical melodic, chordal and rhythmic similarity” to his 2016 hit single Children Of The Sun.

Daniel’s attorney Stephen Hollis of Adams & Adams has confirmed that a legal letter about the alleged copyright infringement has been sent to Guetta, but there has apparently been no response from him or his international team.

However, Guetta’s local publisher Geoff Paynter Music Publishing confirmed that they received the letter of demand.

“We confirm we received a letter of demand in December 2018 which was immediately forwarded to our sub-publisher principles,” Geoff Paynter said in a statement.

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Daniel’s team has also appointed top SA musical professor Jean Zeidel-Rudolf to conduct a report into the claims, which has apparently “ruled that plagiarism is clear”

“The similarity can be heard in the main hook melody of Guetta’s song which appears seven times throughout the song. The notes and rhythmic positioning of the notes are of exact resemblance to the chorus melody of Baron’s song,” the statement added.

Daniel said that when he heard Guetta’s track for the first time, he was shocked to hear the tune he apparently came up with years ago.

The local star added that all he wants is to be credited as a songwriter on the track.

“It felt surreal to hear the tune that I came up with years ago. I’ve always been a fan of him (Guetta) and I look up to him as an artist/producer, so I actually feel rather bewildered and slightly proud that he’s used my melody. I am not the type of person that would want to start a fight with him. All I want is to be credited as a co-writer.”

Daniel added that this debacle proves the quality of SA music today

“While it hurts seeing someone copy something you put your blood, sweat and tears into without making contact and sampling it legally, it’s incredible to see that massive international acts are inspired by local music – and that’s a real honour.”

Daniel’s management has also released a video comparison of both tracks, here it is: