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Who says dreadlocks are boring? Not only do dreadlocks give you the chance to get more natural hair length than any other hairstyle for ethnic hair, dreadlocks are also versatile and super stylish.

Dreadlocks are a great way to grow natural hair, but many people think this hair type is limiting. Break the myth with hair inspiration from actress Zenande Mfenyana. The Queen actress has gorgeous, healthy-looking dreads. Her hairstyles are amazing and most of them can be adapted for medium-length dreadlocks too.

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The classy faux hawk

Mohawks are great and we’re seeing more and more of them in formal spaces. Zenande’s classy faux hawk is a triple threat; it doesn’t involve cutting any part of your hair, the style works for both formal and casual looks and it’s an awesome way to maintain neat dreadlocks for a long period of time and twist new growth.

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Bead head

Afrocentric cornrows with beads are all the rage. While most people think that having dreads means being left out of this trend, Zenande and her stylist have found a way. Not only does she have her hair braided in this cool and creative pattern, but she also has beads on her dreads.

Going loopy

Long dreads are great but they can get tiresome. Looping your dreads can give you temporarily shorter dreads while re-twisting the new growth on your dreads. We love how Zenande’s loops are styled – asymmetric hair is a timeless hit.

The classic updo

Nothing beats a classic upstyle. Zenande’s neatly twisted dreads pulled back and up show off her stunning facial features and go well with absolutely any outfit with minimal effort.

Curly whirly

Having dreads doesn’t mean quietly suffering from curl envy. With a set of curlers and some time you can rock a wide variety of curls in your dreads, from tight spirals to big and bouncy curls. We love how Zenande has her curls in this cute side pony.

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