Natasha Thahane has revealed the downside of having anaemia and how it is affecting her day-to-day life

The actress took to Twitter to share her struggle with the condition, which causes the body to lack red blood cells.

“Anaemia. Excessive weight loss. Pale skin.

“A simple day’s work is enough to leave you exhausted & you feel tired and sleepy even after a good night sleep. Not copying,” she wrote on Twitter.

Many of her followers shared their own stories of their battle with anaemia.

“Story of my life. Went through a 3-unit blood transfusion few months ago. Every day is a physical battle,” one Twitter user replied.
Another fan wrote: “The worst. I need several naps to function.”

A third twitter user added: “I was diagnosed with anaemia from the age of seven and I’m 30 years old now. It’s hasn’t been easy and the worst part of all is that people don’t understand I’m going through but I trust God hey.”

It seems Natasha is going through the most at the moment

Earlier this month, she revealed that she yearns to go on a date.

“Would love to be taken out on a date. It’s been a while,” she tweeted.